Can I Appeal a Civil Court Judgment in Texas?

If you receive a judgment in civil court that you are not happy with, you have a right to appeal the judgment. However, this is a decision that you need to make quickly, as you only have 30 days (typically) to request a motion for a new trial or to file a notice of appeal. The appellate system is full of strict time limits and other complex legalities, making it that much more important to speak to an appellate attorney if you disagree with a ruling in your civil court case.

Picture of a courthouse

Your attorney will take a thorough look at your case and the court transcript to figure out whether any mistakes or errors occurred. Errors might include things like improperly admitted evidence, improperly excluded evidence or objections that were improperly overruled or sustained. If your lawyer does determine that a mistake was made, he or she will use it as grounds for your appeal. He or she will draft the appeal and submit it to the court, pointing out all mistakes that were made. The appellate court will then take a look at the trial court’s decision and, in light of the alleged mistakes listed in the appeal, will either confirm the decision of the lower court, reverse and overturn the decision or remand it (send it back to a trial judge for more consideration).

Our law firm is skilled in navigating the complex field of appellate law and is prepared to represent you in court, whether your civil suit involves business disputes, partnership disputes, breach of contract claims, commercial claims and more.