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Anderson & Riddle, LLP is a civil trial and appellate law firm based in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Founders Geffrey W. Anderson and Guy H. Riddle handle cases of all sizes. They represent individuals, large corporations and everyone in between. They lead an eight-lawyer team who represent cases across several states.

What Sets Anderson & Riddle, LLP Apart?

The attorneys at Anderson & Riddle, LLP handle cases at the state and federal level. They have the experience necessary to represent complex civil litigation matters. Working as a team, we can assist with aviation litigation, professional defense, insurance law, mass torts and more. However, no matter what kind of case we are handling, our lawyers always maintain the three pillars of our practice:

  • Commitment to Excellence. Our civil trial attorneys do not take shortcuts and will go to trial, if litigation is best for our clients. We share a commitment to legal excellence and will fight for the best possible resolution to your case.
  • Passion for Justice. Beyond professional excellence, our attorneys share a passion for the law and justice. We work to ensure that individuals and businesses receive fair treatment under the law. If a trial is necessary to uphold justice, then we will not hesitate to go to court.
  • Fair Pricing, Always. Our attorneys are civil litigation lawyers. However, we understand that going to trial is not always the most efficient way to resolve a case. Therefore, we always work to protect our clients’ financial investment in our law firm. We can offer options and advice about settlement offers to resolve your case as cost effectively  as possible.

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