Our Office

Anderson & Riddle, LLPThis 10,600-square-foot two and one-half story mansion was originally built around 1915 for John C. Nash, general manager of the Talbot Mfg. Co. and later for the Nash Hardware Company. Designed by Fort Worth architect L.B. Weinman, this beautiful home was sold by Mrs. Nash in 1934 and occupied by the Harrison Clinic for over 30 years. The Ronald McDonald charity then purchased this home, making it one of the first Ronald McDonald House facilities. The Ronald McDonald House provided temporary living quarters for families of seriously ill children at this location for 15 years. The historic home next housed the corporate offices and support services of Clayton Child Care, an organization dedicated to serving the children and families of Tarrant County. In 2006, Anderson & Riddle, LLP renovated and restored the mansion to reflect its historical design and layout. The home has served as our office since September of 2006.

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